Ana Hoffman


Ana Hoffman is a Ghanaian American actress, singer and voice over artist. Her bi-racial and bi-cultural background gives Ana a unique perspective of the World which she draws upon to better connect, inspire and captivate audiences of all persuasions. In the World of theatre, she most recently portrayed the iconic Josephine Baker in Barry Manilow’s acclaimed Broadway musical “Harmony,” which earned recognition as a New York Times Critic Pick and won the 2022 Drama Desk Award.

An internationally recognized presence, Ana’s voice resonates across the globe. She has headlined The Bermuda Music Festival, Holland America Cruise Lines, and Ghana’s historical Chale Wote Festival. In New York City, she holds artist-in-residence at several venues including The Hard Rock Hotel, Midnight Plus One and Ada’s Place. On screen Ana’s acting credits include the Emmy-winning Netflix documentary “Dick Johnson is Dead,” directed by Kirsten Johnson. In the realm of voice-over work, she has collaborated with notable brands including Audi, Macy’s, Walmart, American Express, and Audible. She’s also been featured in national commercials and print campaigns for Poland Springs, AT&T, and Personal Capital.

Ana Hoffman’s versatile talents transcend borders, allowing her to forge connections, inspire, and captivate audiences from diverse backgrounds. Rooted in the belief that artists embark on a mission to explore the depths within and beyond themselves, she endeavors to return with stories that illuminate the essence of humanity.


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